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Stella Lincoln

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country located in West Africa. It is the most populated state of Africa during the 7th most populated country in the world. I am assuming it as a second most attractive country for foreign business owners just like UAE.

Despite such rich values, this
region still lacks growth and development. I am not an expert but I think the
problem is obtaining technical expertise in the citizens. I was in 9th
standard and participated in a debate on the importance
of education
, I remember that I won that competition because of this

"Any nation will not develop without focusing
on educating them to educate their upcoming generation. "

Need for Technical Education

helps to focus on learner-centered education
, It enhances the quality of
lifestyle. Furthermore, technology has been included in our routine (lives in
established countries). We adopted and feel insecure without it. Vocational training
courses produce engineers and technical personalities who are ethically
responsible for improving your nation.

Problems & Solutions of Vocational Education in Nigeria

Nigeria is a region where
industries are growing yet societies are not. I found below six reasons for
this conclusion. We are sharing both the issues and their possible resolution to
assist your readers.

1) Finance problem

The primary dilemma is the issue
of funds. There are many obstacles. Crime, illiteracy,
medical problems, sheltering difficulties and many more might be the

From my perspective, the solution
is already there. It's not new for our people. Already investors arrived in
this area and started so many professions. The problem is with our Nigerian
friends who never save money for their future. They are not spending the
earned money on upgrading their lifestyle. As published in a thesis article
in July 2018,

"If you live to spend then he will never
change his living standard. Those who have to live have the intention to
better as well as their next generation. "

2) Low Interest in Education

An important negative factor is
the lack of interest in education. Kids are not willing to go to school. Three elements
are supporting this issue. First one is the parents who have an uncertain and
non-permanent job. The second cause is the absence of a role model for our children.
And the third problem is the old conventional methods of teaching.

I personally appreciate that Authorities
are now taking steps to spread the awareness
of innovated teaching and its
effectiveness. The fantastic procedures are followed in various
institutions. But still, there is a lot of gap between them.

3) Teacher's Training

Teacher's training is essential
for updating the system growth. Coaches need to learn new methodologies of
tutoring. How effectively can they use the tech in classrooms? What outcomes
will they expect? How much are practical innovations?

Government Educational Ministry
Nigeria and Private School Associations, have to establish and motivate the
culture to enhance self-growth
of professors through various training
, workshops, sessions of academic discussion,
and conferences. We can assume that it is a frustrating process for unknown
teachers. But trust me; this Academist
wants to be effective. You can check YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and
other video sharing forums. A lot of videos are related to teaching
available on such platforms. Thus, anyone can get fruits from those practical
visual segments.

4) No Practical Approach

Education can develop and uplift
society. If kids get bored, they can gain marks but not literacy because grades
are based on red learning. Gradually, the rate
out of school children has been increased
to more than 13 million. In
modern cultures, our pupil demands to know the value of what they are studying.

Coaches who boost excitement in
the learners become the favorite of all students. An excellent means of
constructing interest is to clarify the concepts. Below are some of
the examples possible to give to your students while schooling:

  • Your mom plays with chemistry
    in the kitchen while cooking. So, girls learn it nicely.
  • We practiced mathematics
    commonly in our daily sale / purchase.
  • Have you viewed a plumber performing
    some maintenance work? He is applying physics in his profession.
  • If your parent wants to
    renovate the home, they need painting and model building services. You are
    learning the same which will be beneficial for home decoration and artistic
  • Our dads plan all economic projects
    at the beginning of each month and then monitor those activities. All boys want
    become a future dad, so learn it well.

5) Unemployment for Technical Posts

A number of jobs and employees are
Rising on an annual basis. But on the other hand, the unemployment rate in Nigeria
is thus increasing each year. In 2017, it was approximately 18.8%. However, it was
raised to 23.1% in 2018. Likewise, the posts of manager or technical are mostly
filled with outsiders.

Industrialists do not believe the
efforts of local people. A simple resolution is to conduct workshops for ours
citizens. Keep the eyes open to find the skilled guys. If found anyone
incompetent yet capable
field. Offer the opportunity to locals first, then foreigners. Through this act,
you would view the enthusiasm of struggling.

6) Electricity Issue

Electricity is a source of energy.
It is a vital factor in the development of any region. The power outage is one
of the most common dilemmas in Nigeria. Without it, several professions shut
down or break their working. Furthermore, the infrastructure has been affected.
If you wish to introduce technology and want to bring it to class, you need to
address the power breakdown problem. It could severely disturb the learning

According to my research about
this region, there are three types of applicable solutions to this issue.

  1. The first and the ultimate resolution is an affair to the
    governmental level. They have to make sure the uninterrupted electricity flow.
    The privatization of the power sector wants to be an affirmative act.
  2. The alternate method is to use a generator. It is a quick fix of
    electrical failure. It works with petrol and diesel. You can investigate for new
    models and respective capacity to produce the Volt. I have even seen various
    Models that can be cheaper and cheaper than refineries.
  3. The third option is to install a UPS (uninterruptible power
    supply). I do not think it's new for you. It gives the comfort of power backup.
    A tutor can use it as a substitute for power breakdown.

While Summing Up

Numerous hurdles disturb the
economics and infrastructure of any nation. Some influences externally while
many are committed to internal barriers. A superb approach to plan what are
the primary necessities and then handover the project to a foreign company.
Treat those companies as a bridge to the success of regional societies and

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