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Prior to the full declaration by the Independent National Electoral Commission of the results of the presidential election, the opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP) sounds like sour grapes and claims that it has not been justified in manipulating the election.

PDP Chairman Uche Secondus said today at a press conference in Abuja that some of the results of presidential elections from states announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) at their Abuja collection center were false and unacceptable to the party were.

Three of the results, such as Ondo, FCT Abuja and Abia, were in favor of PDP candidate Atiku Abubakar.

However, Secondus, from the party's campaign office, Legacy House, Abuja, said some of the polling stations were from states, including Nasarawa, which had been narrowly won by Muhammadu Buhari from the All Progressive Congress.

Secondus said that the party's collation centers all have "original results" from every poll unit, every department, every local government (LGA).

He said the international community was aware of the results.

He accused the Presidency and the All Progressives Congress (APC) and INEC officials of "changing history" and of assigning our people to LGAs by canceling and manipulating figures for results already announced nationwide in electoral offices condemn. where PDP had commanded votes.

He also alleged that the APC, in collaboration with INEC, had taken aggressive steps, mainly through incentives, manipulations and detentions, using the elements of state power such as the police, the DSS, the army and the EFCC to win people's votes Silence.

He said that this was done in full view of the "world of observation," and despite the commitment of PDP and its agents to abide by all the rules set for the 2019 parliamentary elections,

"When results arrived on Sunday, February 24, and the PDP clearly took the lead, the ruling party and President Buhari sent senior officials to forcefully influence outcomes in various geopolitical areas of the country.

"For example, the Interior Minister was sent to the northwest of the country.

"The Secretary of the Government of the Federation was sent to the northeast of the country. while the Attorney General and the Ministers have been sent to the South-East and South-South regions ".

He claimed that the INEC IT server had been hacked by APC agents to manipulate the results, claiming that the Wurno LGA outcome in Sokoto had been manipulated with an additional 10,000 illegal votes.

NAN reports that in the result declared to the Council, the returning officer Francis Patrick, APC 20, 307, while PDP scored 9,847 out of 33,048 total votes in the presidential election.

Secondus further stated, "In addition, violent and destructive attacks were reported by officials during the census on Lafia Street and the Police Corps police units.

"As if these provocations were not enough, our agents and officials are constantly arrested and in many cases imprisoned for complaint that card readers are not in use in many northern states, suggesting that all results from the northern part of the country Card is located Unused readers should be declared invalid under the INEC guidelines.

"I also believe the arrest of Eng. Buba Galadima, which was a great symbol of the courage of our people, shows that a man's ambition is greater than our collective well-being, and most likely worth the blood of all Nigerians.

"In this regard, I call for the immediate and unconditional release of Buba Galadima and all PDP officials and agents in the Southwest, most of whom were arrested on the eve of the elections when intimidation became the APC's only election strategy. "

Secondus said that despite the provocation, intimidation and attempts to kidnap Nigerian democracy, the PDP is on the road to success and presidency; "Stay resolute and firm, for our party is involved in your uncertainty and suffering, which must come to a good end for all of us."

He called on the leadership of the INEC to remain impartial and unwilling to impeach Nigerians and disappoint the country's democracy, "because the world is watching and history will actually pass judgment."

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