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Corvette shipping with national Corvette seller Mike Furman for February 24th

Every week, Criswell Chevrolet's Mike Furman delivers new Corvette Stingrays, Grand Sports, Z06s and ZR1s to its customers, who come from all over the country to work with the country's best individual Corvette seller.

In this week's delivery mail, Mike highlights two different C7s, both of which are unique for their color combinations. We learn more about his plans for Spring Mountain and how Mike named his weekly collection of setbacks and vintage photos for a customer named Frank Class. As always, let Mike know which of your favorites is in the comments below.

Visit Mike's Facebook page for even more photos and videos of his new Corvette deliveries: CorvetteFurman,

Four full Corvette truckloads arrived this week and they could not have arrived early enough. I probably offer new and used corvettes every month to at least 15-20 different states. Most people who are within 500-700 miles of Criswell usually only drive into Maryland and pick up the delivery from me in Maryland. It's interesting when some people weigh up the fun factor of having a museum show in Bowling Green, KY, compared to the experience I get when I come to the dealership. I would say that this is a great compliment when compared to the museum's delivery program. This whole 1st quarter of 2019 I also have Corvettes and Camaros, which are shipped by drop delivery to the US. Call my desk at 301-212-4420 or by e-mail [email protected] If you want to know more about the different buying options of your next Corvette.

Take a look at my Corvette website "I Trade High Volume … Not High Profit" I am now in my 41st year selling Corvettes.

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman "width =" 585

~ Roll Call for Ron Fellow's Spring Mountain Racetrack in Pahrump, Nevada. "These courses are open to all Corvette enthusiasts!" I will attend the following Corvette Owner classes.

  • 9.-13th March (ZR1) Sold out
  • 19th to 23rd of July (3 classes)
  • October (TBA) (1 class)

The Corvette Owners' School on the 21st and 22nd of July is the Corvette class in which I am located. There is also a Corvette Owners School on July 20 and 21 and on July 22 and 23. I'm planning a few dinners at the clubhouse with all three Corvette-owned schools and spending time with as many Corvette owners as possible. * Schedule during the summer and there is an additional value of $ 300. ~ October … no date confirmed, but usually I'm planning the Corvette Owners School on the first days of October. *** Call Melinda or Donna for all questions and reservations. 800-391-6891

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman "width =" 585

~ I picked two classic color combinations that I can release this week for my delivery post.

~ Helmer and Gail P. from Sharpsburg, MD, were looking for their first new Corvette 6 weeks ago. Helmer had talked about it for decades and now it was time. It turned out that in this case it was best to order a factory order. Helmer wanted a 2019 Stingray Cpe in Shadow Gray Metallic with Adrenaline Red Seats, 1LT Pkg and 7 SPD manual transmissions. They could not be happier with how everything developed … * Gail showed me a picture of her 1971 VW Bug, which she ordered brand new and still has! Even the 1971 Maryland license plates are still on!

This is a great color combination, Shadow Gray with Adrenaline Red.

~ The next delivery of the Corvette Convt 2019 was ordered by a local businessman … This is a color combination that I've never seen before, but it looks really good. Torch Red color with adrenaline red interior and red top.

~ I know that George Barris built this gifted Corvette for Farrah Fawcett … I just wish I was the salesman who had gone over the car with her. I would have loved to meet her and see this Barris Custom Corvette. I've heard that this Corvette has been auctioned in the last few years, but she'd seen better days.

~ This is a picture of the first Callaway Corvette ever sold and delivered by Malcolm Konner Chevrolet of Paramus, New Jersey. Approximately 1987th

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman "width =" 585
Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman "width =" 585

… and pictured above is one of the 50 Malcolm Konner Commemorative Edition Corvettes from 1986 … with BBS wheels.

~ The Frank Class Corvette Barn search and dropback section … for those of you who do not know the story behind Frank. He bought his first brand new Corvette in 1957 … and owned 50 new Corvettes over the years. Every year I knew him, every spring he bought a new Corvette from me. I would normally get a call after the New Year and he would say, "I have to buy my last Corvette". I would tell him that you have said that every year in the last 5 years! We would make a plan and I would give him an invisible commercial value. The rest is history. Frank has always commented on my Sunday delivery on Monday, he would tell me which old Corvette image he liked best! I got a call from his daughter, Frank, a few years ago, and she needed help with his collection. Since then, I've been dedicating my Corvette Barn Find Mr. Frank Class from Harrisburg, PA. A true friend for everyone.

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman "width =" 585

So if I ask everyone to post which image is your favorite one … a note to Frank please … a Corvette enthusiast.

Find the Corvette in the old picture above …

See the C3 next to Ted Bundy's VW in the picture above.

Have a great week!

Mike Furman
Criswell Chevrolet
Gaithersburg, MD
301-212-4420 desk directly
Fridays and Sundays
"I sell and ship nationwide for over 40 years!"
"Be kinder than necessary, because everyone you meet fights against a kind of fight"
[email protected]

Mike can deliver new Corvettes on Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, MD, or through the R8C program of the National Corvette Museum. He can also deliver new Corvettes to your door via covered transport or via delivery to the nearest Chevrolet dealer.

If you are interested in a new Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06, the new ZR1 or one of Callaway's offers, call Mike Furman. You can reach him at 301-212-4420 or by e-mail at [email protected],

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman "width =" 585
Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman "width =" 585

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