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In the heart of the constellation Scorpio is the star Antares (translated from Greek – "rival"). This name is uniquely interpreted as the personification of wild and unbridled energy, combined with reverie and passion. The sign of Scorpio refers to the element "Water", which symbolizes the feelings and intuition. That is why the representatives of this sign in most cases belong to introverts with a deep inner world. They are characterized by a special charisma and high temperament.

In addition, they are prominent leaders who do not require any additional motivation, as they are well aware of their value. However, the representatives of this zodiac sign remember the offense for a very long time and are quite vengeful natures. Their tendency to introspection allows you to clearly realize all their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, they always openly express their opinions, including about sufficiently sensitive questions and easily go to confrontation of relations even in cases when they themselves suffer. This sign is under the control of the planet Mars (some believe that Pluto), because of which its representatives are owners of enormous will power, magnetism and a special ability to achieve their goals.

These masters of life prefer to be guided solely by their own laws and rules. Their will and purposefulness cannot be subdued. Brave and desperate players are prone to adventurism. This sign is considered the most controversial, because, despite the great desire to achieve some goal, its representatives are not always able to justify their motives.

Scorpio is mysticism and sacredness!

That is why relationships with other signs are always full of surprises. And the main advantage of Scorpio is its strength of mind, which, by the way, can easily lift it, but also destroy it too. These very emotional natures are always invested with full dedication in any occupation, and therefore their mental organization is always at maximum stress. Their secrecy does not allow them to openly show their disappointments and pain, which is why people around them may not even be aware of the sensual experiences to which they are exposed.

Family values ​​for Scorpio are basic. Representatives of this sign greatly value the home comfort and comfort of warm relations with the household.

The following epithets fully correspond to such women: charming, fascinating, attractive, extraordinary, wonderful. However, the flexibility of nature allows representatives of this sign, how to ideally adapt to the relationship of any kind, and adjust to other people.

All Scorpios have the most sensuality.

These women always have a lot of fans. Moreover, due to the wisdom of their relationship will seem to all quite democratic, but in fact all the key decisions will be made precisely by women-Scorpios. These ladies have a natural appeal and very expressive features.

And the most important for women Scorpions are willpower, remarkable mental abilities, the depth of the inner world. These qualities they put much higher in the hierarchy of human values ​​than the beauty and visual appeal.

The sign of Scorpio refers to the most complex zodiac community from a psychological point of view. However, the entire period of the impact of this constellation on people born at this time is divided into three parts, with characteristic features for each.

Scorpios are very vulnerable and selfish

The period of birth of Scorpios from October 23 to November 2 imposes on their character such qualities as belligerence, gloominess and mystery. It is Mars that gives them fortitude and indomitable will, which allow them to be bold, fearless and indifferent in the face of any danger, including death. The downside in this case is their pleasure to inflict grievances and painful emotional trauma to others.

From 3 to 13 November, there is a second period of the Scorpio symbol, whose representatives are characterized by an excellent memory, developed intuition and excellent entrepreneurial qualities. These seemingly modest and quiet people possess nobility and generosity, as well as tremendous vitality.

The period from November 14 to 21 imposes on Scorpions such traits as an unbridled desire for pleasure and amorousness, indifference and selfishness. They are prone to frequent change of partners, but their inconsistency is indicative of the fact that they are quite strongly attached to the family and defend the interests of their relatives and friends at any cost.

The attractive appearance of the Scorpions has an unconditional magical effect on gender antipodes. These players in life is always very important to win victories and conquests. Because of their special sensuality, the representatives of this zodiacal sign often experience serious sufferings and love experiences. Passion, emotionality and sensuality make Scorpions terrible owners and jealous, which often leads to a break in romantic relationships due to the unreadiness of the elects to endure their complex nature.

They do not like to openly express their feelings, but at the same time successfully use the natural charm to conquer the subject of their passion. Scorpios are always unpredictable and ready to surrender to passion. It is these qualities that allow them to regularly receive energy from the people around them. They get along best with Crayfish, Virgos and Capricorn. And with Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries and Lions they have rather tense relations.

Scorpios are born leaders!

Considering the various aspects of life Scorpions, we can distinguish the following features in relation to other signs of the zodiac:

  • In friendship, they are always focused on their own interests, which speaks of their powerful egoism. However, subject to compatibility, such relationships promise to be very dynamic and vibrant. Even with the special secrecy of Scorpio, people who can withstand the complex nature of the representatives of this sign can be confident that their attitude towards them is based on great sympathy and respect. The practice of life shows that Raki and Capricorns can easily get along with Scorpios. With a certain coincidence of interests, Pisces, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius can find a compromise with them. Friendship with Scorpion in Lviv and Aries is practically impossible, since they all belong to the leaders by nature.
  • In family life, there is a picture in which Scorpio plays the role of a tyrant or victim. Moreover, they always become caring parents, the excessive care of which often leads to the fact that children are seriously affected by this. A happy Scorpio can be in a family only when he, as a stronger person, subordinates his partner to his will. In his personal relationships, passion, sex and submission are of particular value. Obviously, the representatives of this very passionate sign very clearly separate sex and love. Therefore, they can easily love their half, but at the same time change it without special reproaches of conscience.
  • From the point of view of the realization of their fate, Scorpios differ in that they achieve success at any cost. Usually, by the age of thirty they have already achieved significant results in this sense. Moreover, in this context, there are three options for the realization of oneself in society: "Scorpio", "Eagle" and "Gray Lizard". In the first case, the energy of self-destruction prevents him from having clear moral principles, which leads to aggressiveness with people around him. The path of the "Eagle" allows you to use tremendous power by sublimation into the creative mainstream, which makes him a fighter for justice and an intercessor for the disadvantaged. The “Gray Lizard” cannot be realized and find a way out of its irrepressible energy, which is why the representatives of this group because of their unwillingness to change and discontent with themselves become pessimists and simply swim along the current of life.
  • For a successful implementation in the field of building a professional career, Scorpios are recommended to choose a specialization that can emotionally entice them. Here the “Confucius principle” is fully observed, in which an epic thought is expressed: “If you do not want to work, find a job for the soul”. Considering the Scorpio psychotype, one can confidently talk about employment in places where danger and risk are observed. First of all, this applies to work in law enforcement agencies, special services, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, detective agencies, etc. In addition, Mars is identified with metals, and therefore the profession, associated with various mechanisms and weapons, fit, just the way. It is important to bear in mind that in cases where Scorpio is passionate about work, it will work until exhaustion.
  • Proceeding from the inexhaustible energy of Scorpio, for harmonious compatibility it is required that a person possessing the ability to cool his ardor. Therefore, relations with Cancer, which in a friendship and in a romantic relationship can maintain their stability, can be considered ideal. In this tandem, Cancer is a source of knowledge, and Scorpio provides an adequate level of energy. As an option, Scorpio is a generator of ideas about making a profit, and Cancer justify their multiplication. Their magical connection guarantees the most optimal result in business, family and other aspects of human relations. And it is the Scorpio-woman who will be the main one in alliance with the man, in which she will achieve warmth from him, giving him appropriate protection. And in a situation with a male Scorpion, there are no problems at all, as he, as a leader, feels truly happy.
  • In the field of communication with the outside world, Scorpios always use their subconscious minds in the first place, since it is the unique ability to see the essence of things that allows them to feel very deeply about their opponents. They will never allow themselves to be fooled, and communicating with other people is a way for them to replenish themselves with someone else's energy. Special attention in verbal communication deserves the voice of Scorpio, the intonation and timbre of which inspire his interlocutors with their own indestructible confidence. For representatives of this sign is completely indifferent when it is scolded or praised, as they are completely confident in their abilities.

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