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1. Buhari

2. The capacity of the campaign venue is a maximum of 40,000. If out of the millions of registered voters in Kano, a meagre 40,000 came to grace the rally, it should not mean anything to those who use reason.

3. Assuming # 5000 was given to each person at the campaign venue (as alleged in some quarters and confirmed by some people in the Kwankwasiyyah group), a piffling sum of # 200,000,000 had more than enough to gather.
I call this piffling not because I am wealthy but because Atiku spent much more than that during the PDP presidential primaries. He was confirmed to have given each delegate $ 5,000. Atiku got a total number of 1,532 votes during the PDP presidential primaries, so I want to be sure that those who voted for him were the only beneficiaries of the money (which can not be true). If $ 5,000 was given to a delegate, the total amount spent would have been 2.7billion naira … (I used 360 as the exchange rate)

4. What he spent on just one hundred and fifty delegates can garner much more people than we saw yesterday. As we all know, the PDP is a party filled with people who are media freaks and would rather have a good image on social media than in reality.

5. What should be worrisome to the PDP (if they are thoughtful) is the fact that over 90% of the crowd were on red caps, which means if you do not belong to the kwankwasiyyah movement, there is high likelihood that you don 't do Atiku ..

Atiku and cronies Just because they would not want to Kwankwaso to be disgraced .. Buhari in the presidential election are in the majority.

7. Kano State is so populated that even if the devil goes there for a campaign, he'd get at least 30,000 people to welcome him.

Thank you

Buhari in Kano

Atiku in Kano

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