The bloody price of Ellie's return to Kansas. And was it worth it?




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Agree, we more often judge the losers and honor the winners. And at what cost won, we try not to remember. And even more so we don’t remember those who died on the side of the enemy. But do not try to look at the story of a girl Ellie and her friends from an angle of justice?

We are talking about the story by A. Volkov "The Wizard of the Emerald City", if someone did not understand. I honestly believe that the story is too cruel and instills cruelty in little readers. Did not think about it?

Let's bring the events where the characters behave unnecessarily evil.

On the first night of Ellie’s acquaintance with the Scarecrow, a badger attempted to thrust into their hut. The little animal was attracted by the smell of fruit from the girl's basket. And instead of giving a badger treat, the Scarecrow struck him.

We quote:

“And when the badger had already pushed his curious nose into the door, smelling the seductive smell, the Scarecrow whipped him with a twig on his fat back.

Barsuchishka howled, rushed into the thicket of the forest, and for a long time he could hear his offended squeal from the trees. ”

How do you like this situation?

This is despite the fact that the badger goes to the places of its hunting and gathering, and Ellie with a scary here guests. She just arrived in the Magic Country today, and only a scarecrow was made yesterday from rags and straw.

When friends saved Ellie from the Ogre, the Tin Woodman does not just kill him with an ax, but cuts the Ogre in half. The portrait of the ogre is known to us. He is small and fat as a barrel. Can you imagine what the reader sees with a lively imagination?

Now to the story of the death of the saber-toothed tigers.

Why was it necessary for them to die, breaking on the sharp stones at the bottom of the ravine? They were sent to the next world by the wise advice of the Scarecrow and, again, the Woodsman's ax. Like badgers, tigers have always lived here. And the forest, where they met the company of Ellie, is their forest.

Try to remember how your friends met Ramina, the lady of the mice.

She was hunted by a wild cat. The Tin Woodman is a pitiful creature, he regretted the mouse. But for some reason, a wild cat, which again hunted on its territory, is not sorry for him. The woodcutter takes an ax and cuts the head of a wild cat. Pretty boy!

When the militant company goes to kill Bastinda, the Tin Woodman punches the head with forty healthy wolves, then causes a flock of bees to break their stings and die, and Scareface chokes and collapses their heads to forty crows.

In fact, in the Magic Country there is a coup. Evil sorceresses are dying, and the company of Ellie goes on the yellow road to do good. Only she goes, in my opinion, it hurts often and a lot of scattering corpses.

And in general, why do we regret the dead on the side of the world and forget about the dead on the side of darkness? Tigers, wild cat, wolves and crows simply obeyed the instincts or served faithfully to their owners. These are like soldiers of an enemy army. They were intimidated, forced, left no choice.

And why, tell me, did you have to hit the badger on the back? Because he wanted fruit that grows in the Magic Country on every tree?

Wicked tale.

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