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Representatives of the State of Texas is fighting price demands for the exception for the front license plate

We told you a few weeks ago about a proposal in North Dakota Remove the front license plate for vehicles that cost more than 110,000 US dollars.

Now you can add Texas to the growing list of states that want to eliminate the need for front license plates – at least for certain vehicles.

Although we appreciate the proposed bill from Texas Rep. Ken King, we must challenge his reasons for limiting the exemption of luxury cars with a list price of at least $ 60,000 for a base model.

King seems to have little contact with the real world when he claims in an interview with The Austin American-Statesman: "It's not a rich public account. Almost every car costs $ 60,000, especially a sports car. "

Well, not necessarily. The list of Chevrolet sports cars that DO NOT did not cost for $ 60,000, for example, includes the base model Corvette and virtually all Camaros (including the Base, 1SS and 2SS models).

We are glad that our home state of Georgia does not need any front license plates needed by more than 30 other states. After all the great efforts of talented designers to make a car look great, nothing beats the look faster than installing a license plate on the front.

The people at gmauthority.com I believe Texas legislation does not go far enough and demands that the front license plate be removed for all vehicles, not just expensive ones.

On the other hand, Doug DeMuro of autotrader.com countered that the value of having license plates on both ends of all cars was worth every ugliness. He writes:

"The main reason why I support the number plates is obvious: for safety. I know that for any car enthusiast whose sports car has a tapered front end, it's absolutely unfathomable. However, there are many situations in which license plates actually help to solve crimes – including dozens of places where witnesses (and security cameras) can only see vehicles from the front.

"I know, I know, that's blasphemous. How is it possible that a vehicle can only be seen from the front and not from behind? Really, there are dozens of ways. Imagine a shop robbery in which a car enters a parking lot, the inmates rob the store, and the car drives back. Imagine a hit and run where a camera looks at a street from an angle. Imagine a situation where the police know which car a suspect drives, and find it at a gas station in front of the camera, where it is only seen in front of the camera when it gets gas from an angle.

"It's hard to predict every situation, but in fact you could use every opportunity for days – and it's clear that public safety will be improved and law enforcement capabilities improved if you can identify a vehicle from both sides. "

DeMuro points out that every state in the world needs two license plates except for 18 US states and some Canadian provinces. He writes:

"This is not even something that is being discussed in Japan, Germany, Australia, Mexico or Brazil. The mere idea that a vehicle without two license plates would exist, bumped in these places on baffled chits of the law enforcement agencies. "

What do you think about this age-old question (apparently only in America)?

TheDrive.com over gmauthority.com

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