"I'll kick you out": Lady Blast's & # 39; overdressed & # 39; Bobrisky for sharing Milo at the wedding -Nigerian




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A pretty and sexy Nigerian chased Bobrisky for personal sharing of Milo at the traditional wedding of Richard Nnadi.

The lady claims that Bobrisky, who had rocked Asoebi to the wedding, was overdressed.

The beautiful lady shared this video of "overdressed" Bobrisky Milo, whom he had brought as a souvenir to the wedding, and wrote:

"Please tell me if this is not a disease that worries you.

They are dressed in my wedding and you also share Milo at my wedding??

I will accompany him out the door. "

Some who responded said that the practice of a wedding guest going to the wedding with his or her memento is common among the Yorubas, so there is nothing wrong with what Bobrisky did.

Some also criticized the claim that Bobrisky was overdressed.

Watch the video HERE and see reactions ….

Do you think Bobrisky was overdressed?

Do not you think it's wrong for Bobrisky to personally bring the Milo he brought with him as a souvenir?

Source: http://www.thefamousnaija.com/2019/02/overdressed-bobrisky-shares-milo-as.html?m=1

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