Dark matter, dark energy and what awaits us


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I have long wanted to write this post, but somehow my hands did not reach.

So, let's begin.

First, before we talk about dark matter and dark energy, let's try to understand how we even know about their existence, how we guessed what they are in the world. To do this, we have to, so to speak, run gallop across Europe, and look at how our universe appeared

Big Bang and the stage of inflation.
I will not dwell now on the fact that the big bang is not a bang at all, and it didn’t happen at a point, but everywhere, and it was far from the first stage of the universe’s evolution. Before the big bang there was a stage of inflation, it did not last very long, and at that stage there was still no matter in the universe. Just the space-time itself under the action of a certain field began to expand rapidly, much faster than the speed of light, or rather exponentially. And then, having expanded all this energy, the so-called inflaton field was transformed into matter, as the cosmologists say made a phase transition. And it is from this moment that the big bang begins. Those. matter appears, expands and cools.

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