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By Abasiama Etuk Akpan

B-brave: He is a courageous leader, and his courage has highlighted him among his contemporaries in the legislature business, His bravery was seen and demonstrated in his defense of the people of Akwa Ibom northeast(Uyo) Senatorial District and Akwa Ibom State in general. He is a dogged fighter and will speak with outstanding bravery for his people in 2019. This is a feature that is lacking in the lives of its opponents and therefore can not be trusted with the mandate of USD people for the position of the National Assembly. Only OBA can be entrusted with a mandate.

A barrier-freeHe is one of the most accessible politicians in this part of the world world , Whenever he is in the state, the entire state of Akwa Ibom gathers to the joy of his good leadership. Its doors are open to all regardless of their class and social status. He ensures that his people are well received, entertained and relaxed in his home. It's just the OBA's home that looks like an international convention is taking place at any time of the day, because it's accessible and has been. The USD needs such a man, accessible in 2019, to speak for them again in the Senate.

S-strong: He is strong and this is one of the qualities a senator must have before he wants to go to the Senate. The other candidates should really think twice about whether they want to go to the Senate or their village, because the Senate is for strong men, not for boys and mediocrity. If OBA was not strong and energetic, I'm sure he would have been a bank warden today, but he's one of the votes needed in the current Senate. He is needed again to continue his good works in the upper chamber of the National Assembly from 2019-2023.

S-style: He is a very stylish leader with taste and class. His style has placed him ahead of other candidates in the 2019 race. His style is reflected in his legal obligations. His oversight and empowerment programs for his people. The USD needs OBA again in 2019 and beyond for its stylish legal commitment. This quality has greatly appreciated him. He is the most stylish senator in this part of the world. The USD must reject a non-stylish man who tries to speak for them but has no conventional knowledge of today's leadership. USD needs a man of style, and this man is for Samson Polls by Obong Bassey Albert.

E-learn: In the leadership he has gained the necessary experience and proved this in the Senate. After honoring his state, Akwa Ibom, as Honorable Finance Commissioner, OBA has the necessary experience for leadership. Legally, he has the necessary experience to speak again in 2019 for the good people of the USD. He will be chairman of the Senate Committee on Gas as the first chairman, and his second term will bring more dividends to democracy for his citizens. 2019.OBA experience is needed again in the Senate. Mediocre and rotten bones must be withdrawn from conventional ones politicsThe Saturday polls only require experienced lawmakers and leaders like OBA.

Y Youth:He is the youngest senator in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He has not disappointed the younger generation in his political career. His ability to deal with the small and take the few in his career means that by 2019 he will be able to bring more dividends to democracy for his people if he is given a higher responsibility in 2019. He was a role model for the teens in Africa& # 39; s Political History. USD needs a young senator who speaks vociferously for his interest. You need a senator who does not sleep in plenary. They need a senator who can last a full day, making sure he brings home democratic dividends to improve the well-being of his people. The USD needs a representative who knows the problems of the younger generation and is more relaxed about them. OBA is this man and he should be supported to continue his dynamic legal commitment.

A Available:Call him in the middle of the night, he will be available for his people. Meet him at your point of need, approach him and make sure he is available. Contact him at any time to make sure he is available. He is a leader who is available at all times and for the needs of his people. He hardly sleeps until he makes himself available to his people twenty-five hours a day. He is one of the leaders who need the good people of the USD in the Saturday polls again.

L-loyalThis is a virtue that is not lacking in the life of Senator Bassey Albert. He is faithful to his people and his members. He is loyal to the leadership in his state, he is loyal to his party PDP, He is loyal to the interest groups and does not joke with their words and advice. Ask me for a loyal politician, and I'll show you OBA conveniently. He is a leader the USD needs in Saturday polls because his loyalty is second to none.

B-fat: He fears no one, no matter who the person is. He does not oppose the pressure of defamers and demigods. He is not intimidated by anyone, as far as it is for the interest of his people. He can be bold even to the most powerful man on earth, as far as he will be able to gain democratic dividends for his people and his constituents, and so far this man is not God. USD needs a brave leader again in Saturdays Polls and this can only be found in OBA as the district's next senator.

E-Enterprising: Legislation is like a business. If a non-state legislature comes to power, nothing will come of that representation. The entrepreneurial life of Senator Albert has earned his people dividends of democracy. He was able to negotiate effectively for the benefit of his people and drew the state's presence into his constituency and state. The USD needs a legislator with an entrepreneurial character like OBA, and he should be supported for another term of corporate engagement. OBA should be supported in Saturday polls.

R-reliable: He is reliable and can be trusted with any office. His faithful lifestyle has been proven since his time as Finance Commissioner, he held the position meritorious. He has been a reliable legislator since 2015 and has not abandoned his people. Thousands of constituency projects are scattered around the USD for its employees. Empowerment items are distributed daily for his people. He is a leader who is very reliable in his dealings and political history. The USD needs a reliable senator again in 2019, and this is only visible in Obong Bassey Albert and his outstanding representation in the Senate.

T-tested and trusted : 2015 OBA was tested with the Senate mandate at the National Assembly. In fulfilling his duties as Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he has demonstrated an unprecedented ability. He has performed extremely well and made his people proud of his legislative style. So far he has played more in the Senate than his contemporaries.

Tested for more than three and a half years in the Senate, he has shown confidence in his acumen leadership. He has shown confidence and should once again be confident in 2019 that he will continue his good work in the National Assembly. USD should avoid giving someone else's mandate that they can not trust. Only OBA has been tested and rated as trustworthy and should be supported to do more for its people in USD.

"Less than five days before the elections to the National Assembly (Senate). The good people of the USD should choose Obong Bassey Albert (OBA) to remain in office as a senator. Representative of the region in the ninth senate on Saturday, February 16, polls.

# VOTEOBA4Senate2019.

Abasiama Etukakpan.

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