How easy it is to make the perfect cheese cakes 🚩 Recipes




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To get the perfect cheese cakes, just enough to replace one familiar ingredient.

So, we will need:

– cottage cheese (fat to taste) – 500 gr.

– semolina – 6 tbsp. l

– egg – 2 pcs.

– sugar – 2 tbsp. l

– baking powder – 0.25 tsp.

– salt and vanilla – to taste.

Turn cottage cheese with eggs and sugar into a monotonous mass using a blender.

Add salt, baking powder and semolina.

To taste, you can add a pinch of vanilla.

Well, lovers of culinary delights may well add frozen or fresh small berries.

And now the billet for cheesecakes need to stand at room temperature for at least half an hour.

This step is necessary in order for the semolina to swell up and absorb excess liquid.

We form cheesecakes, at the request we roll them down in flour or semolina.

Fry on both sides to an appetizing golden crust.

Simple and fast!

The cheese cakes prepared in this way are tender, airy and do not at all resemble pancakes, unlike their fellows, made with flour.

Semolina perfectly absorbs excess liquid and helps cheesecakes to keep their shape without disturbing the structure.

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