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A large number of ordinary tourists from numerous nearby countries love to come and spend time with pleasure near the numerous bodies of water. The most comfortable and popular time for rest on the banks of rivers, lakes, a huge number of ponds, naturally, is considered to be summer. In Moscow, you can also find Narskie ponds, which are surrounded by wonderful nature.

Most men, even those who are sufficiently well-off and busy, like to periodically retire to a clean reservoir, where they can, absolutely leisurely, do their favorite and enjoyable work, for the soul.

Fishing is not only an interesting activity, it usually brings a lot of joy. And Narskie prudy is the perfect solution for recreation. Many are attracted not only by the huge variety of fish, but also by a relatively convenient location, which is located near the capital of our state.

Many fishermen like to just come to Nar’s ponds not only in summer, but even in winter. They just like to do what they love, and some retire to fishing with friends during the whole year. The so-called cascade of ponds is always very closely monitored, and the types of fish themselves are replenished relatively quickly. And most Muscovites always know how to get there.

Narsky ponds are currently located on the 55th kilometer, if you go along the Moscow Ring Road, more precisely in the Odintsovo district. The easiest way to get to the reservoir is by your personal transport, as the bus simply does not go there. You have to go with transfers, and then just go on foot. To some, the road may seem incredibly difficult. But believe me, there will be much more joy.

In many countries, so-called fishing competitions are currently being held. Almost all over the world in most states they simply choose their fish. For example, in Germany or the Czech Republic, carp are caught, and in Finland, common perch, and in Ireland, pike. In Russia, it has always been a tradition to catch crucians.

Carp should be caught with the onset of the first heat, as a rule, it is early spring, you can do this until the onset of cold weather, that is, deep autumn. Nar ponds, fishing on which occurs throughout the year, have always been famous for the diversity of its catch. Fishermen prefer to catch not only crucians, but also carps, as well as pike, rotan and perch.

For most fishermen, ordinary cascade ponds are considered to be a very popular and sought-after place. Most fishing enthusiasts purposefully come to the court to simply practice in their magnificent skill of carp fishing. This fish is considered incredibly capricious, in general, its behavior is almost impossible to predict.

For this reason, fishing for an ordinary crucian at all times was considered a great intrigue, not only for fans of this occupation, but also for professionals with great experience. Among the large number of reservoirs that are located in Moscow and the Moscow region, fishermen love to choose only Narskie ponds. Relaxing on the beach with a professional fishing rod in the hands at all times was considered a great pleasure, not only for guests, but also for ordinary residents of the capital.

Narskie ponds in most cases offer everyone not only to try their luck, but also to please their relatives. You can come to Narskie Prudy at any time of the year and day, which is also the reason for its attendance by Muscovites and even from other cities.

Narsk ponds are considered to be very well-equipped places for fishing. There you can find a large number of sandy beaches, bridges. Bathing in reservoirs has always been forbidden, since there is simply a high density of sand stocking, and the depth is not so great. Often, fishermen come to this place specifically to catch crucians. Crucians are considered quite picky fish, in order to catch it, you will have to put a lot of effort.

For catching a crucian it is necessary to choose correctly not only a nozzle, but also complement, a tackle place. At Narskie ponds you can catch a wide variety of fish, many do not leave here empty-handed.

In these bodies of water they always bred ordinary crucians, as well as carps. In Muscovites, these ponds are very popular. Old-timers call this place "Cuban Fish Farm". All reservoirs are famous among locals. Many visitors, as well as residents of the capital, simply adore coming to Nar Ponds. Reviews on the network about this place you will find only positive.

For all vacationers with a fishing rod has long been created the most favorable conditions. You can get very close to the water, there are bridges everywhere. Huge canopies are made on the banks, here you will also find incredibly beautiful green grass. Such conditions have always contributed to the rest for the whole family, you can not only sunbathe, but also arrange a whole picnic. Most residents of the capital often come to this place to simply enjoy the beauty of nature and water.

Fishermen are always willing to share their impressions about Narskie ponds. Many are satisfied with not only affordable prices, but also a convenient approach to the water, well-equipped shores. There is always a large number of people not only in summer but also in winter.

In the suburbs a large number of reservoirs, which are designed to fish, have always been paid. Nar ponds are not an exception to the rule. Several beautiful lakes, which are located next to each other, have a huge number of places and different prices for them. Fishermen themselves love to choose the pond they like for their favorite activity. All reservoirs have different depths. So you can always make a choice.

The first pond has a very interesting name "Mint". Its depth was always more than two meters. Around the perimeter on the coast you will see beautiful sand, there are also an incredibly large number of bridges, which often go straight into the bridge. There are also many sheds under which you can simply hide from the shower or the sun's rays. The second pond also has the interesting name "Triangle". Here the number of places for fishing is strictly limited. There is a huge stocking density in the pond, for this reason you can catch a lot of fish. The weight of the catch is likely to surprise you. There is also a pond, which received the name – "Dyutkovo."

Here you will also find just an incredibly large amount of fish. This is a crucian carp, perch, tench, catfish, trout, carp, and sturgeon. If we talk about elite fishing, it begins in July and ends in September. There is also a pond "Asakovo". It is also considered a wonderful holiday destination for the whole family, and not just for a group of friends. Green shores have an incredibly large area. And the depth of this reservoir is two meters. Fishermen say that you can always have fun at Narskie prudy. You can not only change the bait, so that carp and crucian carp begin to peck feed more confidently, but also just have a rest.

It is naturally better to start fishing from early morning or from lunch. If we talk about weekends, then all the ponds are occupied almost always, here you will meet a large number of people. You can take along an ordinary inflatable boat, in this case there is no need to take a seat on the shore.

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