A Farewell to Arms!




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Every five years, in every life of a hunter, there comes a moment when he has to prove to the state that he is not crazy, not a drug addict, that he knows how to handle a weapon and he has enough material means to prove it all.

I admit, I'm not a hunter. During my twenty-five years of military service and twenty-six months spent in Afghanistan, I developed a steady dislike for hunting. Moreover, when you are good at tracking down any game, the hunt becomes not very interesting. Therefore, for the last twenty years I have not gone hunting. Yes, I am, indeed, a big fan of cold weapons, but the hunting and traumatic weapons are completely indifferent. However, until recently, in my collection was a hunting rifle and a traumatic pistol – gifts from my readers. And they have always been very dear to me – not as a weapon, but as a memory of the wonderful people who gave them to me.

This year I had to recycle them. To sell this weapon was practically unreal. But I couldn’t extend the weapon permit. Not only because going to the drug addiction doctors, to the neuropsychiatric dispensary (for inquiries that I am not registered with them) and to the district officer (for inquiring that I kept the weapon correctly) would take too much time. The main reason was trivial – passing the test for knowledge of the rules and the ability to handle weapons cost about five thousand rubles, plus various fees, and so on, which is clearly beyond my means now. And this is understandable, it seems that our state is now interested in ensuring that only those who can pay for any services have a weapon. Or criminals who do not need a weapon permit, in general.

But I still had a couple of questions.

First, it turns out that, as a lieutenant colonel in the reserve, I am completely mentally healthy and do not have to prove to anyone that I am not registered in the mental hospital, in order, if necessary, to take over my command from the motorized rifle battalion and higher (in other words, from 600 fighters with military equipment and the most modern weapons, in fact, in my military specialty I would have to “work” in a more serious position than to command a battalion). And defend their homeland. But in order to protect myself in peacetime, I need to prove every five years that I am not a camel.

Secondly, for more than twenty-five years I constantly worked with military weapons, developed my own courses on training in speed shooting and shooting at night, taught not only my scouts, but also specialists from various security agencies, including special forces from other states For years, I have to pass tests for knowledge of security measures, rules for handling weapons, assembling and disassembling weapons to those who own weapons much worse than me. Some kind of basic disrespect for officers, sergeants and privates of the reserve, who went through more than one war and more than one hot spot.

I will not summarize the above. The sediment from such an attitude towards reserve officers remained unpleasant. The fact that our state deprives us of the opportunity to defend ourselves and does not protect self is a sentence to the current Russian state itself and to those gentlemen who invent and adopt such laws.

And the fact that only those who have money remain a weapon will not defend their homeland. Yes, and can not protect themselves. And we will hardly want to protect them.

Such are the pies with kittens.

Alexander Kartsev, http://kartsev.eu

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