Male student arrested after his classmate's boxers was found with a spell in his wardrobe (photo) -Nigerian




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A 100-level student from the Department of English Language at the College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti, state of Ekiti, was disgraced and handed over to the police after his classmates' boxers were found in his dressing room with followers in the charm of his district Monday School Hostel , January 28th.

According to the students in the school, the boxers belonged to the representative of Comrade Akinola Ayomide, Pace Setters, mayor of Mayegun. The underpants were found at Tunde, but popularly known as Zacchaeus

The students claim that Zaccheus, due to his questionable lifestyle, is an Internet fraudster, also known as Yahoo Yahoo.

Zaccheus loudly told his classmates to buy a car before the end of the year. There were cases of missing boxes before his arrest, but the students had always found the missing boxers.

"We did not trust Zaccheus from the start. Lately, he has been singing that he will buy a car later this year. One of us, who had his piano in the closet, wanted to take it out when he unfortunately saw the calabash hidden in the cupboard. In the review, he found the male underpants Mayegun. He could see it because the male underpants have a hole. Mayegun had complained that the underpants had loosened and grown too big for him before she disappeared. He called us and we saw the boxer along with schnapps and other fetish items wrapped around him. As we continued to search the wardrobe, we discovered two more underwear.

"This provoked other residents of the hostel, who have resorted to demonstrations. The angry students came to Zaccheus and nearly toppled him to pulp. Zaccheus was on the verge of being set on fire when he was rescued by the porters in the residence, who immediately contacted the director of student affairs, who in turn called the security staff. The Directorate for Students'Affairs, the security staff, and student representatives rushed to the scene to control the situation, "said a student at the school opposite The Nation

The victim, who was no longer shocked, said

"I went to town yesterday and on the way back I saw one of my friends who said to me specifically:" They were used ". I could not understand this until I was taken to the room of Zacchaeus, where I saw my underwear in a sort of calabash with liquor and some fetish articles. I could not wait until Zachaus arrived, and I asked him how my underwear, along with those charms, got into his wardrobe. He tried to escape, but we hunted and grabbed him. "

The school's student affairs director, Charles Egunjobi, described the incidence as "unbelievable and unexpected" and promised that the management would handle the matter with the posting.

"That's really unusual for the school. The management has issued an order that the man should be handed over to the police. As you can see, the officers of the Ikere-Ekiti Area Command are here. The next time students are involved in such a situation, I expect them to find a permanent solution in a non-violent way. Students should not make noise or take laws, "said Egunjobi

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