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Eric Many returns for Runtown in a new statement – "He called for victory"

There seems to be no end to the ongoing war between the singers in sight Runtown and his former record label Eric Many, when the latter came out to expose an earlier report attributed to the former that he had won the lawsuit between the duo in court.

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That's hardly days after that The Federal Court of Justice in Abuja ruled that singer Runtown prevented Eric Many from interfering in his affairs.

In a January 23 ruling issued by Chief Justice Judge O.A Musa, the court ruled that Runtown's injunction should be immediately suspended, while Eric Many also prohibited the enforcement of suspended court orders.

However, in a statement released today, Eric Many has said that Runtown has not even filed a defense, not to mention, to win the case.

"It is well known that Eric Many Limited, our artist, Douglas Jack Agu, aka" Runtown ", has been included in social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, and in our case has been a" winner "in court. Runtown tells lies. Runtown did not win the case. He did not even file a defense. His lawyers have challenged only the jurisdiction of the court, claiming that the case should go to arbitration. Ericmany has challenged the right of Runtown's lawyer to step in, as the same lawyer has prepared the filing contract that Runtown violates.

"On December 4, 2018, the court ruled that Runtown's lawyer can appear. However, the court dismissed Runtown's claim challenging its jurisdiction. It took the view that a breach of contract did not belong to arbitration. The court also ruled that Runtown should maintain the status quo. This means that Runtown must stop operating until the case is closed. Runtown filed two appeals before the Court of Appeal. He then prayed to the High Court to suspend the decisions and the proceedings "pending the outcome of the appeal submitted to the Court of Appeal Abuja". In the meantime, Ericmany filed a referral case against Runtown for allegations of court order. Form 48 was delivered to him on page 18 of the Punch newspaper of 19 January 2019.

"On January 23, 2019, the High Court agreed to suspend its ruling and other legal proceedings for Runtown's appeal. That is normal. It is not apparent that the tribunal fights the appeals court. The court has ordered Runtown to transfer his papers to the Court of Appeal within 14 days, as the relief is lifted. The so-called "victory" is like the "victory" of a convicted person who has been sentenced to a decision on their appeal. A very unintelligent lie.

"Instead of misleading the careless public he won, Runtown should focus more on promoting his vocations. The relief he received before the High Court is only a brief break from the High Court to respect the appeals court. The case is still there. He has not filed a defense because he obviously has no defense. Runtown still owes Ericmany more than N266 million. He did not produce a single album as agreed. The contract is still running. Ericmany won the first round. Runtown has filed two appeals. The case is currently in front of the High Court of the FCT and Court of Appeal.

"Runtown can not legally do anything illegal until he wins the call. He never followed a court order. We hope that now, after he has run to the Court of Appeal, he will respect the Appeals Tribunal. We therefore warn the public not to buy his lies of "victory". The High Court suspended the trial only to await Runtown's appeal. No law-abiding person or legal entity should have dealings with Runtown until the legal proceedings are completed. Legal proceedings must be respected by all.

"We have to learn to fulfill contracts. Ericmany wants to lead by example, even if it takes 50 years to show the point. We look beyond Runtown in this fight. Contracts must be respected in Nigeria. They do not invest millions in a greenhorn artist, and when he feels he has become known, he gives up the contract and begins to insult the investor, who calls him "broke" and courtesy of public sympathies. Such behavior is immoral, and Ericmany will do everything to represent this point. Yes, many initiates may have done it and got away with it, but we choose to protect the treaties. We will do everything, no matter how long and how long it takes for Runtown to keep his contract, prepared by his own lawyer, which he has freely signed. At Ericmany we see this as a battle for honor and principles. "

Thank you all.


Johnson Adumike

General Manager, Ericmany Limited

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