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Your site is visited every day by real people who have different needs: buy a new TV, lose weight, become richer, etc. It is clear that you can offer them this through advertising. This is the whole essence of earnings on any site.

Top 5 types of advertising on your site and making money on it:

Contextual advertising

The most popular and common option for webmasters. And all because such advertising is offered by very famous and influential corporations like Yandex and Google. All you need to do is add the ad unit code to your site’s code, and you can start earning revenue from each click on your ad.

Banner advertising

One of the most ancient ways of advertising goods and services. In the early 2000s, he successfully migrated to the Internet. Place banners on your website and get a fixed amount for every 1000 views.

Native advertising

In fact, native advertising often represents a review of a product / service, and fixing a special referral link in it. If the person who has read the article likes the object advertised in it, he will click on the link and buy the product. Then you will receive your pre-negotiated interest on the affiliate program.

Email delivery

If your site is popular enough, then you can offer its readers to subscribe to a special newsletter in which you can publish advertisements of both your products and partners.

Promotional articles

Leave your contact details on the site to contact you. This will allow advertisers to contact you with a request to publish a special advertising article written by themselves, and receive remuneration for it.

Each of the options – a real way to make money on the Internet. To get the most out of it, use all of them.

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