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Kingsley MOGHALU, presidential candidate of the Young Progressive Party (YPP), is one of the four main contenders in the next parliamentary elections. He was one of the CBN technocrats who had worked with the PDP government and had been part of the World Bank's numerous devotees who had helped enforce a disastrous policy such as the Soludo-led banking consolidation and bailouts that helped PDP businessmen to meet with the police freely rape the banks. Many of these consultants had economic policies such as NEEDS, SEEDS, FDI, deregulation, naira devaluation, PPP and others that made Nigeria the world capital of poverty.

Many of today's PDP technocrats hide the fact that they are younger and have been personally successful, and that young people's safety can be seen as a role model. However, personal success does not determine social well-being. Adolescents must be thrilled to find a candidate who has the ideological clarity and the revolutionary zeal to lead the coming revolution.

Among the "youth candidates" he is behind the activist Omoyele Sowore, but still leads many supporters. He has made less practical campaign for Sowore, but is considered by many liberals as a moderate candidate.

Liberals are quite dangerous, as they tend to act more like moles and agents than real leaders in a political institution like Nigeria. The need to have a candidate against the founding is great, considering that both sections of the ruling class have shown that they would never bring about real social development and redistribution of wealth. PDP and APC are for most Nigerians the devil and the deep blue sea. This results in the mass desire for a real alternative. But the alternatives are basically four. With the exception of Sowore, the other three belonged to Presidential Aspirants Coming Together (PACT). The main reason is more ideological than the feeling of youth. It should be noted that one of the worst-functioning governors, Yahaya Bello of Kogi, is probably the youngest.

This piece shows that among the candidature of Kingsley Moghalu and the like there is a loyalty to the old order and the tendency to block the wheel of our revolutionary progress. The efforts also aim to show that prehistory matters, and history has shown that Moghalu has played a prominent role in the failed PDP folk teams and remains faithful to the ideas of anti-people ideas. However, we believe that change seekers should be anxious to win their supporters for our party and our party through patient explanations and a thorough understanding of the fundamental issues at stake.

Kinsley Moghalu was a neoliberal agent in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) after working with the UN. Although he pretends to be a good guy, his story shows something else.

Moghalu played a leading role in bank fraud and anti-people salvation led by Charles Soludo, the then governor of CBN. That many banks such as the Intercontinental Bank later froze and the Sanusi-led banking reforms forced many of the Glutton bank owners into exile and court tell a lot about a man who claims to be a saint now.

When Sanusi later exposed the Jonathan government's corruption in the CBN and became a victim, Kingsley Moghalu joined Jonathan. In an exclusive interview with Interpo, the YPP presidential candidate said:

"The governor started making very damaging public charges against the government … allegations that were not proven after the President sent him a request from the President on the finances of the central bank." The government has given a reason for the suspension that was … to investigate the allegations against him. "

He mocked Sanusi's revelations about uncovering one of the biggest public thefts in our history, saying, "Someone in the central bank has a political activist role, that's not our function, central banks around the world have clear functions and in your country [Britain] and every other civilized country that I know that Governors meet certain expectations and limitations and respect those expectations and limitations. "

However, Kinsley Moghalu has inserted posters saying "OUR MUMU DON DO". He also talked as if he believed in fighting corruption. But when it comes to fighting CBn's boss against the obviously corrupt government, Goodluck Jonathan, in a big scam that keeps Ms. Diezani Allison Madueke still overseas while others are blacklisted, he played the reactionaries , Such a groundless man can not cleanse the Augian stable in the poverty capital of the world!

Although rumor has it that Sanusi is now involved in sponsoring Moghalu's election campaign, our political beliefs are never in line with ruling class elements that have a loving friendship only because of the power and interest of the US community working people.

Nigerians need to be very focused in these elections. We need a candidate whom the masses can trust. We need a candidate who is revolutionary, not one who has hated activism and is only trying to be one now. We need a candidate who has been part of our history of fighting. We can not afford sophisticated capitalists who claim to be technocrats, but have destroyed our economic development since we fought the military.

We have to watch out for candidates who are in contact with the PDP and the ruling class representatives.

The reason why Moghalu does not believe in a living wage, in contrast to Sowore, who believes that a minimum wage of 100,000 for an average worker "will never cause inflation". Instead, the ghost workers, as senators and governors, earn dozens and hundreds of millions, and there is never any inflation.

We have a country that we can take back. We must do this by all means necessary, but we must never shoot ourselves in the legs. Only a revolutionary movement can take Nigeria back. Only a radical-building party such as the AAC can point the way to building another country where poverty and inequality could be abhorred.
If we really want another Nigeria, we have to embrace the hard line!

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