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The first series of the sitcom “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) was released on the American channel ABC on September 27, 1996. Four seasons the series “moved” to the WB channel, where it lasted three more seasons.

The simple storyline of the show is taken from the series of the same name comic book by Archie Comics publishing house, which were popular in the 60s of the last century. Sabrina is a teenage girl, after her parents divorce, she moves in to live with her aunts. As if this is not enough, on her 16th birthday, the girl finds out that she is a half-blooded witch, her aunts also have magical powers, and the cat Salem is a magical tyrant, imprisoned in punishment for a century in the cat's skin. The action takes place in the fictional suburb of Boston, Westbridge.

Throughout all the seasons, the young witch masters her abilities, travels in time and space, masters new spells. At the same time, she continues to live an ordinary life – goes first to school, then to college, builds relations with ordinary people and even falls in love. In each episode, the witch finds herself in a difficult situation, from which she crawls out, often with the help of aunts, and makes a good experience.

Despite the magical background, the series was as close as possible to real life. Sabrina faced problems familiar to every teenager – school twists and turns, friendship, love, acceptance of herself. Script writers have consistently included references to contemporary pop culture in the show, such as Sabrina's fascination with Britney Spears songs or a hint that the host of the Jerry Springer Show is a witcher.

Cat Salem (Saylem) - speaking star of the series

The first three seasons of the series are considered worthy of the gold fund comedic sitcoms. They spawned many memes, funny moments of the show can still be found in various social networks. They are also called the “Encyclopedia of the 90s”, especially a lot of knowledge can be learned about the fashion of that period, since Sabrina paid a lot of attention to her outfits.

The series was nominated 26 times for various prestigious awards and as a result has 11 awards. Most often, he won in nominations thanks to the performer of the role of Sabrina – Melissa Joan Hart.

Melissa Joan Hart played the role of Sabrina's half-breed witch. The blond beauty began her acting career in 1980; the four-year-old girl became the face of an advertising campaign for bath toys. She was given the first small role in the television series “Cain and Abel” (Kane & Abel) in 1985. Studying in high school Melissa combined with the shooting, but all the roles were small. Yes, the girl never dreamed of acting career. She wanted to become a journalist and even enrolled at New York University to study both literature and art. However, in 1990, the channel Nickelodeon put her in front of a difficult choice, offering the main role in the comedy youth series. Melissa decided to take a chance.

Melissa Hart as Sabrina

The role of Clarissa Darling in the sitcom "Clarissa knows everything" (Clarissa Explains It All) brought the young actress fame and glory. They began to recognize her on the street, invite her to a television show, Hart was nominated for the Young Artist Award four times and won three times. In 1994, after the series was closed, Melissa returned to the university, but she failed again to complete her studies. Came an invitation to the role of Sabrina. Simultaneously with the filming of the sitcom, Melissa managed to voice the animated series of the same name, play a major role in the television film “Rent Control ”’s Apartment, try herself as a director and producer.

After closing the show, Melissa twice played Sabrina in feature films, was a guest star in several well-known television projects, including the series Law and Order: Special Corps (Law and Order: SVU) and the ninth season of Dancing with the Stars.

TV series

From 2010 to 2015, Melissa plays again in the high-rated comedy show. This is the series “Melissa and Joey” (Melissa & Joey). It is worth noting that Hart is also the director and producer of this sitcom. In 2019, Melissa John Hart fan is waiting for her to appear in the lead role in another teen comedy series – No Good Nick.

Melissa Joan Hart is married to musician Mark Wilkerson, lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Course of Nature. The couple have three sons.

Canadian comedienne Caroline Ray played the role of Aunt Hilda in the series. Despite the fact that Hildegard Antoinette – this is her full name – 642 years, she remains frivolous, sociable, sentimental and fun at the same time.

Caroline is from Quebec, graduated from a private school for girls, then went to university in Canada, and graduated from it in another one – in Arizona. And after all this … ran off to New York to become a successful stand-up artist. She performed in the most popular comedy clubs, appeared on the stage with famous comedians, and in 1995 she made her debut in a small sitcom that lasted only one season. But the producers of “Sabrina the Little Witch” noticed her and suggested the role of Aunt Hilda.

Caroline Ray as Hilda

After filming the sitcom, Caroline came to real fame. Her career continues to grow. Since August 2007, millions of little Americans know her voice, like the voice of Phineas’s mother and Ferb’s stepmother from the popular animated series Phineas and Ferb, she led the first few seasons of The Biggest Loser, appeared on television as a guest star and in your own show. In 2019, the teen comedy series Sydney to the Max is released, where Caroline plays the protagonist's progressive grandmother.

Rey had a relationship with American comedian Kostaki Ekonoulos. In 1008, the couple had a daughter.

Zelda, Sabrina’s aunt and Hilda’s older sister, personified the voice of reason throughout the series. Rational, pragmatic, balanced, she often has to return her niece and sister to the ground and help them out of their own provoked troubles. Zelda is a teacher, a scientist, several times throughout the sitcom she is called a quantum physicist.

Elizabeth Broderick as Zelda

The role of "smart aunt" Sabrina played by Elizabeth Broderick. She graduated from the American Academy of Arts and before appearing on the sitcom she played several minor roles in feature films and television series. After Sabrina, Beth’s most notable roles are Kate Austen’s mom from Lost, Rose Twitchell from Under the Dom, Under the Dom, Annie B. from Sharp Objects.

A few years, Beth was married to Brian Porizek, then divorced, and five years later married Scott Patty.

If it were necessary to name only one reason, why “Sabrina is a little witch” became a cult TV series, many would say without hesitation – the cat Salem and his sarcastic remarks! A sorcerer in cat's clothing, a tyrant and a charismatic, most often giving Sabrina the very advice, following which the young witch turns the situation from a difficult one into a person on the verge of a catastrophe. In addition to world domination, he is interested in food, money, fame and a way to regain human appearance before the allotted time limit. Favorite activities – surfing the Internet and reading other people's diaries. And yet, despite greed, self-centeredness, and irrepressible ambitions, he sincerely loves Sabrina.

Cat Salem (by Salem)

Salem (Salem) in the series played four real trained cats – Elvis, Lucy, Salem and the Witch, as well as a custom-made mechanical doll, controlled by three puppeteers. The voice of the cat gave Nick Bokay – comedian, actor, writer and sports commentator.

Harvey Kinkle is a classmate, friend, and then Sabrina's first love. For several years, he so often suffered from erasure spells, that by the fourth season the limit was reached and Harvey stopped forgetting all the events that took place before the spell turned time back. The attitudes of young people change more than once during the sitcom, but in the final of the last season Sabrina realizes that Harvey is her true love.

Nate Richert as Harvey Kinkle

The role of Harvey remains the most famous in the acting career of Nate Richart, but he is not discouraged, because it is more interesting for him to realize himself as a musician. He writes music in the style of bluegrass – a mixture of American country, jazz and blues – he himself performs and records it.

Angry, mean, rich, spoiled and fun – this is how you can characterize the classmate and the main "villain" of the series during the first four seasons Libby Chester. When it is called "absolute evil" – Libby believes that this is a compliment.

Jenna Lee Green

In this characteristic role, the young actress Jennifer Lee Greenberg starred, cutting her name to Green, so that it would be easier to remember. The role of Libby – one of the very first in the television career of the actress, after that she starred in episodes of such TV series as "Bones" (Bones), "Detective Rush" (Cold Case), "Quantico" (Quantico). Jennifer is a singer and wants to make her main career on Broadway, where she has already performed in the musical Wicked, performing the role of Nessaroza, the younger sister of the main character.

The creators of the series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” claim that this horror is much closer to the original plot of the comic than the frivolous sitcom. The gloomy, almost devoid of brightness series filmed in the oppressive dark blue gamut and with might and main flirts with occult themes. What else will come up with fans comedian Sabrina, deciding to look at Sabrina gloomy?

If Sabrina's parents were divorced in the sitcom, there was no place for them at all in the horror version – they died. Aunts now have not only a new, less "blooming" appearance, but also work in the morgue. Sabrina also had a cousin-warlock, who was sentenced to house arrest, an attempt to undermine the Vatican.

In place of a simple American teenager, a good guy from an average family, which Harvey is in "Sabrina the Little Witch", comes the tragic character. Kinkle is from a family of miners, Harvey’s elder brother died, and the guy was deeply injured by what happened.

In Sabrina's Chilling Adventures, the young witch has to attend two instead of one school. This alone seems to be enough for a teenage audience of the series to explain how the sitcom is different from the horror. In addition to the usual educational institution, Sabrina attends the Acutemia of the Invisible Arts, where she studies magic.

Villains in the new series a lot. In place of one spoiled Libby Chesler comes the trio of “strange sisters” —the students of the Academy, the real witches, who despise Sabrina as a half-breed. And these are not the most sinister figures of horror.

“They silenced Salem!” – a fan of “Sabrina the Little Witch” resented, after viewing the first episodes of the new series. Yes, the sarcastic remarks of the sorcerer-cat had no place in the horror. He remains a familiar to Sabrina, but now only meows.

The series "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" was enthusiastically received by critics. Especially they singled out the game Kiernan Shipki. But viewers believe that the horror turned out to be somehow too sharply modern, with obsessive morality and the inability to transcend their own ideas about good and evil.

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