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And how to choose a way to participate in the global processes of the evolution of the Universe by each carrier of a conscious function? Is it possible to wipe the tangible transformation of the existing legislative initiatives of the external world at the macro and micro levels?

In order to believe in yourself and understand where your own abilities should be directed, it is enough to make the most primitive analysis of already established instruments of influence on the world around. For example, the ideal geometry of a material structure is naturally a circle or a ball, which depends on the flat or three-dimensional perception of space. And the ideal numerical measurement at all times was exactly zero, which in all its mathematical beauty and permissiveness absorbs any other numerical sequences.

Continuing to talk about the variability of space and time, thought will always come to the moment of movement and the trajectory of this very movement of material objects. And here again, everything is very simple, because it is rotation that is the ideal form of movement. Moreover, the axis of rotation (its own or around the center of the conventionally closed structure) has a secondary value.

And who can be the ideal authority for any of the representatives of mankind in terms of development and guidelines? For a mentally healthy person with a normal perception of society, the ego will always be such! Moreover, the logic works, as in mathematical calculations with zero and infinity, when the former absorbs the latter, and not vice versa. That is, the egoism of each individual person in its highest manifestation is directed precisely to the benefit of society, as it were, awaiting recognition for their efforts. Taking into account the fact of the primitive construction of matter and the priority of own interests over other thematic reasoning, it is easy to realize that the point of maximum effort will always be the effectiveness of utility for the Universe. But the scale of the fragment of the universe will consistently increase with the development of each in this direction.

But enough theory! How can these straightforward reasoning be applicable in the practice of the lives of specific people? Everything, as always, is easy! Another founder of the theory of "European humanism" – Confucius in all the greatness of the philosophical thought of the Middle Kingdom – argued that for the "lazy" you need to find a job for the soul. And this Chinese β€œhumor”, of course, works! And then came the new advances in psychology regarding "sublimation". It turns out that any dissatisfaction with his own life a person with a great inner enthusiasm can direct to creativity in any of its manifestations. It is this stimulus that drives many representatives of science, culture, art, and even sports and business.

A summary of the above considerations on the topic of self-importance on the scale of the Universe will look like this: β€œYou need to do so that there is internal satisfaction, but under the condition that no one is worse off than before these influences.”

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