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And since it is impossible to live without socks at all, the hostesses are constantly looking for a solution to this problem. Someone allocates a special time for sorting socks, someone is purchased with special clothespins – but then you need to sort dirty socks (foo !!), because they need to be stapled together before washing and after use or stapled immediately removed from their feet (this option is unlikely to suit the strong half of humanity – it is much easier to simply remove them and throw them into the basket for dirty socks).

So that the socks of all family members are always in order, have a neat appearance, and the process itself does not take much time and effort, use my algorithm for washing socks, which will save you from the tedious process of sorting socks forever.

1. After use, fold the dirty socks of each family member into a separate small container (family members, of course, can easily cope with this on their own, you only need to select a specific place – for example, put a basket for dirty socks in the closet or under the bed) – so you You will know exactly where their socks are, and due to the small size of the basket there will not be too many of them, but they will have to be washed more often.

2. Purchase an organizer with a lot of small compartments or select another specific place for clean socks.

3. Wash the socks of each family member separately. This can be done in several ways:

3.1. You can wash socks on different days. For example, the husband’s socks on Monday, the eldest son’s socks on Tuesday, and the youngest on Wednesday.

3.2. You can wash socks in one day, but in different washings and hang them up for drying in separate places (different dryers or clothesline). For example, wash your husband’s socks in the morning, and your son’s socks at lunchtime or in the evening.

3.3. You can wash socks in one day and in one wash, but put them in different laundry bags.

3.4. You can come up with your own, unique and suitable only for your family method of washing socks separately, the main thing is that when you take out the socks from the washing machine, you know exactly whose they would send them to dry so that you know exactly where whose socks are drying.

4. Now that you know exactly whose socks you are washing, run the washing machine in the usual mode for you to wash the socks.

And now the most interesting. Up to this point, we seemed to have performed the usual actions with small differences from the usual manipulations and more simply organized the space for storing socks. Now, when I squeak a signal from the washing machine to finish washing, the most important thing begins – that will save you from the tedious sorting of a shapeless heap of dry socks.

5. You do not think that in a washing machine socks magically gathered in pairs and wait, when will you get them? Of course not. You still have to find the pair yourself. However, what you do while you get your socks out of the washing machine will save you a lot of time and effort. Will you still get them? So why not divide them into pairs right away!

5.1. Remove the sock, place it on a flat surface (for example, the surface of a washing machine), smoothing out all the folds.

5.2. Remove the sock, if it is a pair, then gently fold the pair of socks over each other.

5.3. Remove the sock, if it is unpaired, then repeat paragraph 5.1.

5.4. Remove the sock, if it is paired, then repeat paragraph 5.2., Folding the pair of socks on each other in one pile.

5.5. When all the socks are folded, leave them to lie down for 30 minutes to several hours (they will smooth out under their own weight and will look like they are ironed), then hang them to dry in pairs, not one by one.

5.6. If you were washing in several laundry bags, then lay out the socks from each bag in separate stacks, and then hang them out without mixing the socks from different bags.

6. When the socks are dry, they will already be folded in pairs, and, in addition, they will be ironed, you just need to put the organizer or storage tank next to clean socks, and then remove the socks from the dryer or clothesline one pair at a time however, neatly folding them and placing them in the pocket of the organizer or in their place in the storage tank.

Note! It is very important to remove the socks in pairs, putting them right in place, because this allows you to avoid the very heap that you will need to rake later – do not do things that you can not do at all!

After completing all the steps, you have smoothed, neatly folded and sorted into pairs of socks without much effort – you did the same as always, only slightly changed the order of some actions. And because the same socks of different family members were washed and dried separately, there will be no confusion between the socks of different owners.

Good advice: how to fold socks

Folding socks is best according to the method of Maria Kondo: "Never, in any case, roll off your socks with a ball. Fold the socks one over the other and follow the same principles as for folding clothes. For socks with a low side, which barely cover the foot, folding in half is enough; ankle socks folded in three layers; knee and over knee socks – from four to six layers. The number of folds can be varied to get the height that best fits your drawer. It is easy. Try to create a simple rectangle – this is the main moment of folding. Keep your socks on the side, as well as your clothes."

The method is described in detail in the book by Marie Kondo “Magical cleaning. Japanese art of restoring order. "

Also, the socks folded in a rectangle can be rolled up and placed vertically so that the spiral can be seen – Marie Kondo recommends folding tights and stockings in this way.

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