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By Emmanuel Nicholas

I read with dismay as I read one news A story attributed to the former commissioner of the Oro Nation, who denounced the government's inability to complete Etebi Ewang and 19 roads in Oron Metropolis.
Normally I would not like to work with him, but the mere fact that he tried to join the governor Udom Emmanuel to this misfortune.

Basically, it's my job to research and document facts and present them to both the government and the public at large.

Let us keep the record so that we do not distort the story just because of the 2019 election. Let our conscience be our guide.

The available documents still show that Senator on November 29, 2007 Godswill Akpabio received an order for the construction of the road Etebi -Ewang in Mbo and Esit Eket Local government areas for a company called SINOENG Construction Company Limited.

The original contract was $ 6.266 billion.

The contract period was 24 months from the date of acceptance of the offer. On January 6, 2010, the $ 5.738 billion contract was reviewed, without indicating the additional work that resulted in the review. With the reference numberGO / FGPC / S / 6 / VOL.XIX / 1124 to the managing director of the company SINOENG NIG.LTD 1 Wihu Road, Isheri Oke Ogun State)

Records prove this on December 20, 2011. The contract was further examined and the sum of N 7, 218, 833, 596, 38,000 (seven billion, two hundred and eighteen million, eight hundred and thirty-three thousand, five hundred and ninety-one naira) checked Thirty-eight Kobo) (please do so Attach document entitled "Etebi Ewang Road With Spur"):

Further work dated 20 December 2011 with the reference numberGO / FGPC / S / 6 / VOL.XIX / 1024 The Managing Director of SINOENG NIG.LTD 1 Wihu Road (Isheri Oke Ogun State)) was resumed without stating the review of the contract.

From the collected facts, a total of 19,198, 603, 159, 29 (nineteen billion, one hundred and eighty, eighty million, six hundred and three thousand, one hundred and fifty naira twenty-nine kobo) were paid for the Etebi-Ewang road in Mbo County. It is also clear from the records that the total of N 19, 188, 603, 159. 29 (Nineteen Billion, One Hundred and Eighty-Eight, Eighty, Six Hundred, One Hundred and Fifty-Nine Naira, Ninety Nine Kobo) was only fully paid.

Despite the fact that the order amount was paid in full, the project was never executed. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that SIGOENG Construction Company Limited was established through close relations of Senator Godswill Akpabio. For this reason, the initial order amount and the amounts resulting from the two variants were transferred to the bank account of Relation.

This means that Senator Godswill Akpabio has placed an order with his wife, his relative, for the construction of Etebi-Ewang Road in Mbo County.

And the contract amount from the available documents has been transferred to a bank account maintained by this business relationship. See Interim / Final Payment Certificate No. 19/19 of 27 August 2014. This is contrary to the provision in Section 1 of the Code of Conduct for Public Officials, which states that a public official may not place himself in a position where his or her personal responsibility is Interest in his duties and duties contradicts. It is also worth mentioning that the said contract was awarded in contravention of the established provisions of the Act, in particular Section 23 (1) of the Public Procurement Law, which provides for the tendering of a contract before it is awarded. There is no evidence that the contract for the construction of Etebi Ewang Street in Mbo County has ever been advertised to the public to submit its bids. This shows that the governor has now illegally and without due process awarded a contract to his relatives society, without resorting to the aforementioned provisions of the law.

Apart from the fact that the contract was never advertised to the public for bidding, the award of a contract to his relatives violates the above-mentioned law.

The law does not allow officials to use their position for their selfish interest or to bring themselves into a situation in which their interest conflicts with the fulfillment of their official duties, and the fact that Senator Akpabio has a contract to his relationship has violated the provisions of this Act as stated above.

It is also worthy of note that the contract for the construction of Etebi-Ewang Street in Mbo County was never carried out, as the road is currently in a very unfortunate condition, although it is on paper. The contract was made by the Governor signed and the same was paid in full to a bank account of the governor. The worst part of the deal is that the then governor, even if the contract was not executed, was not interested in recovering the fully paid contract amount from the SIGOENG construction company in accordance with ยง 6 (1) of the Akwa Ibom State Law.

The Law for the Prevention of Doubt therefore states: "If a procurer uses a different open bidding procedure as a procurement method, he must include in the records required under Section 47 a justification of the grounds and circumstances on which the justification relies on the use of those others Method # 39. There are no documents showing that the then governor, since the treaty was not executed, had received back the amount of the contract which was fully repaid to the state assets of the state.

On 21.03.2011, the then governor of Akwa Ibom now gave Senator Godswill Akpabio another contract to rehabilitate Oron Urban to STEMCO. According to the original contract, the contract for the construction of 19 roads and a water drain on the mainland avenue to control the flood of the technical school through the Bassey Lane, on the Efiat Street by the Efiat Lane along the Agric Lane along the Awana Esin to the apostolic church, to Abestonate and through the Customs Court.

The original contract amount was N10, 717,238 114,00 (Ten Billions, Seven Hundred and Thirty Million, Two Hundred and Thirty Thirty, One Hundred Fourteen Naira), and from all available documentation the contract amount was signed / approved by the governor and also paid out.

The contract was not the subject of a bid, as required by the Public Procurement Law, which regulates the awarding of contracts by the government and its authorities in Nigeria. Apart from bridging the orderly procurement procedure, it is also appropriate to take note of this despite the fact that the contract price was paid in full (on this document, a fine entitled Iinterin And Final Payment Certificate No. : 5 five dated 6 December 2012) The construction company STEMCO had given up construction and the condition of the road is now life-threatening, resulting in the re-awarding of an order for the construction of the same road that had already been awarded paid amount.

Senator Godswill Akpabio was aware of the fact that his contract had been abandoned. He did not ask the contractor to return to the site or to repay the money paid to him under Akwa Ibom's Law on Contracts, aware of the fact that the contract was diverted by unknown persons for personal use.

There are many other projects that were awarded during the tenure of Senator Godswill Akpabio, but were not abandoned without forcing the governor at that time to either force the contractors to return to the site or to comply with the provisions of Section 6 (2). of the Akwa Ibom State Contracts Law and Return the amount paid by the contractors to the purse of the Government of Akwa Ibom (Attached here is a document entitled: Construction of the Urban Road Oron Lots 2, 3 and 4: Intervention of STEMCO Limited with the reference number GO) /FGPC/S/6/VOL.XIX/308 addressed to the managing director, Stemco, Limited, 142 Woji Road, Port Harcourt rivers State ).
Of the 19 paid and fully paid roads, only three were completed.

Oro Nation clearly shows who her enemy is and who her friend, Governor Udom Emmanuel, is on those deserted streets, has Efiat Lane, Efiat Street, Bassey Lane, Bassey Street, Awanasin Street, Post Office Street and Maryanne finished.

Apart from the completed works, work in the following projects has already reached the advanced level: Abastonit Street and Custom Yard, Muritala Street, Uyo Road and Beach Street.
Governor Udom Emmanuel has long since rewarded the contract for Amitex Construction on the Etebi Ewang Bridge, and the road works have been completed while the bridge is nearly 60% completed.

We should not come to the altar of God to tell people lies. This provokes the truth, which should be kept secret and sacred to be said in the market place.
No man is greater than God

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